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Please help my friend in need!

My name is Tania Chakraborty, and I just really need help. Well, not me, but one of my dearest friends. She was recently killed in an accident, and her parents are in need of any sort of help. Any donation at all. Please, read on to find out more and PLEASE help out with any donation that you can.

Her name was Ann Kim (that was her American name, I didn’t know her full Korean name since she didn’t really like saying it XD), and she had just turned 18 years old this past May. She lived in Virginia for a while, and we were more of online friends since it wasn’t ever really possible to see each other. We did talk on Skype many times, just not as much in the last year since her life got super busy.

She was really passionate about taking care of animals, which is why she pretty much wanted to make that her career. She fostered a couple of strays and even helped people on her block take care of their own animals when they couldn’t afford to really have a veterinarian look at them. She struggled a lot earlier on in her life to make ends meet when her father became sick, but he managed to get out of it fine and their life started to look up.

That was only three years ago.

She was a pretty happy person, probably one of the happiest people I’ve ever known. We weren’t super involved in each other’s lives, but we were there for each other when we just needed someone to talk to, and share life stories with.

It’s funny, I feel like she would almost laugh at how I’m typing this now, since we were both the type to just laugh at little sappy things unless we could relate. XD

Anyway, she was really sweet, and I guess life isn’t exactly always fair to people. You see, just these last two weeks have been relatively stressful for me in terms of finances for school and just getting things together for midterms, but I would say that it’s the normal kind of stress. Ann on the other hand had been dealing with her family abroad in South Korea for something which I do not know too much about, but I do know that her parents were extremely nice and caring. She was mixed, between Korean and British! When I first started talking to her after meeting her the first time while I was at a college freshman seminar (she was planning on attending school in NY), the first thing I told her was, “wow, you have a pretty interesting accent!” I knew I’d get along with her well when she responded with, “Hey, your American accent isn’t too bad either!” We both started making jokes as if we’d known each other for much longer than we originally had (I was still in high school at the time, and so was she, but from VA), and it was just great. We managed to keep in touch with one another at times that were just right in our relatively busy lives, her life being more busy than mine in my opinion.

Anyway, she had been visiting her family abroad in South Korea after managed to save up money after a year of working really hard at two part time jobs. Her grandmother had gotten really sick, and when she went, I feel like her presence alone made her grandmother recover pretty quickly! She was only there for a few days, and had just come back this past weekend.

I was going to see her later on Monday, but now that won’t be happening. Her mother called me, telling that she had been in a car accident on her way home. She was getting out of the taxi, and a car that had been driving past a RED LIGHT pretty much ran into the car before she could even exit the vehicle. The car was okay on the driver’s side, but her side had been crushed. The parents discreetly asked authorities for help, and asked that with whatever I say, they do not want me publicizing this in a way that will make their daughter’s death turn into a huge news story. They simply want to mourn over their lost child in a proper way, and I just need to help them.

I was traveling home really late when I got this call while I was on the subway, and I just couldn’t stop crying. I hate crying in general simply because I don’t like showing that vulnerable side to me, but I just couldn’t stop. There weren’t many people around at the time but, it just felt wrong to NOT cry. I got on Skype, my friends helped me through a lot of things, and I just…I need to help her family.

The whole point to this is that…I really need your help. Anyone. Everyone. Her parents are asking me to be discreet with anything I do, even though they don’t know what I’m going to try and do for them just yet.

I’m trying to raise money for them to be able to fly to South Korea and have a proper funeral ceremony for her there. Ann loved her home in South Korea, since despite being mixed, she felt closest to her family there from visiting so many times. Her parents are too kind and are not the type to ask for help with this sort of thing, and since I feel like I couldn’t even properly give my friend a farewell, I wanted to help out by raising money to help them out. They won’t ever say this to others, but they aren’t in the best financial situation right now, and I really just want to be able to do this final thing for her.

It will cost around $4,000/5,000 simply to cover both the parents’ flights back to South Korea, flying Ann over there, and most importantly, the costs of the funeral. They told me that they might not be able to do it given how much they are in debt, and it just broke my heart. They deserve at least this, so that they can always remember that they did the most they could for their child. Even if I manage to get $2,000 or even less, I want to give them that amount of money at least to be able to help them out. I want to properly give a tribute to Ann since she helped out so many others, while also respecting the parents’ wishes for their privacy. They are a very conservative family, and…I’m sorry if I seem like I am rambling now, but just…any help at all.

  • I will accept PayPal donations made here (can’t post a button here o.o): DONATIONS ~ or just send directly to chakrat45@gmail.com. Whichever is more convenient for you! Thank you so much for even considering giving any of your own money for her sake! ;A;
  • Total raised so far: $706 ~

All funds will go directly to them from me (since I will be visiting them within the next two-four weeks), and when I see them, I want to be able to give them this money; this gift from me to them in their time of need. In Ann’s time of need. I will count up the amount collected within this post, so please help in any way you can!

ANY sort of donation at all will help out a lot! Please, spread the word to your friends if you can, and please help! Spread the word to your friends and followers! You can spread the word on Tumblr and even through your Facebook friends by simply directing them to this! Please, any/all help is appreciated! I have approximately a month and a half to do this (a little less), and I just need your help! If 500 people even managed to donate $5, it would end up helping them out a lot!

Thank you for reading all the way through, and if you are planning to give donations, every dime will truly make a difference.

Friday, November 16th, 2012

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